Maroon Group - HI&I History

J. Tech Sales History

When J. Tech Sales was founded in 1997, our goal was to market specialty chemicals in a way that large commodity distributors could only envision. Our broad-based technical experience gave us an understanding of what formulators and manufacturers required. As the landscape of the chemical industry evolved, J. Tech Sales positioned itself as a unique hybrid of both distributor and manufacturer. We built a state-of-the-art research facility in Boca Raton, Florida. Today, our knowledgeable staff is comprised of chemical engineers, chemists, and highly experienced sales managers. We have strategically positioned our warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and sales offices throughout the Americas to meet the demands of just in time inventory management. J. Tech became part of Maroon Group HI&I in 2018.

HI&I Timeline


J. Tech Sales founded as specialty chemical distributor in HI&I market


J. Tech Sales certified as member of NACD


J. Tech Sales establishes Research & Development Facility in Corporate Headquarters


J. Tech Sales establishes Citrus Oleo in Specialty Citrus Industry


J. Tech Sales becomes a national distributor in HI&I Market


J. Tech Sales expands to service Textile Market


J. Tech Sales expands to service to Beverage Markets including: Juice, Wine, Beer, Alcohol, and other specialties


J. Tech Sales completes fourth expansion of Laboratory Facility


J. Tech Sales acquired by Maroon Group LLC