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Maroon Group is proud to partner with Murphy & Son. Murphy & Son provides high quality, high value ingredients made to enhance your brewing process, from start to finish!

Murphy & Son


AMS - An acid blend formulated to effectively reduce water alkalinity whilst adding useful chloride and sulphate ions. Use of AMS will also help to prevent scale build up in your water tanks. Can be used to create nearly any style when used in conjunctions with the correct salt blends.

AMS Liquid 25 KG.

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Murphy & Son


DWB - A classic salt blend most suited to Pale Ale styles. Mix evenly through the grist is the best way to ensure optimal use for reactions during mashing. The use of calcium chloride with DWB will increase versatility as it adjusts the chloride sulphate ratio making it more suitable for darker beer styles, promoting full, sweet and roast characteristics.

DWB Powder 20 KG.

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Murphy & Son

Protafloc Granules

Protafloc Granules - Food grade semi refined kettle finings which are added 10 minutes from the end of the boil. Optimized use at 1-5g/HL provides all the benefits above. Suitable for most brewers-an economical and highly effective product. ‘Cold break’ checks can be performed in-house to validate effectiveness. Contact our team for further info.

Protafloc Granules 5, 20 KG

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Murphy & Son

Protafloc Tablets

Protafloc Tablets - Tabletted semi refined kettle finings added at the end of the wort boil. Optimized use typically 1/2 to 2 tablets per HL will provide the benefits above. Popular with smaller brewers, they are extremely convenient and easy to use with fast dispersal and solubilization. Our laboratory and technical teams can support you with full optimizations, this is a typical requirement when there’s a change in raw materials or equipment e.g. new season malt or new brewhouse equipment.

Protafloc Tablets 5, 20 KG

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Murphy & Son

PGA Solution

PGA Solution - Enhances foam stability of beers with a naturally high level of foam inhibitors and improves foam cling to the side of the glass. PGA (Propylene Glycol Alginate) Solution is a specially prepared food grade propylene glycol alginate derived from brown seaweed. PGA protects beer foam against contaminants at dispense e.g. dirty glasses.

PGA Powder 1 KG

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Murphy & Son

Brewers Clarity

Brewers Clarity - Brewers Clarity is a simple-to-use, convenient solution for chill-haze prevention and gluten reduction.

• Prevents chill and permanent haze from forming by hydrolyzing “haze sensitive proteins”
• Highly selective with no impact on foam stability
• Convenient addition to cold wort
• It can be used to prevent the need for expensive cold conditioning
• Reduces gluten levels

Brewers Clarity Liquid 1 KG

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Murphy & Son

Super F

Super F - A blended formulation of silica and polysaccharides designed for the rapid sedimentation of yeast, protein and other haze forming particles. Primarily used in tank to supplement or replace centrifugation or filtration.

• Fast, effective protein and yeast reduction
• Low dose rates
• Suitable for heavily dry hopped beer styles
• Vegan friendly manufacturing process
• Stable at ambient temperatures
• Consistent clarity without centrifugation and filtration
• Best results achieved below 5°C and even works well with dry hopped beer, if the bulk of hop solids are removed prior to addition.

Super F Liquid 5, 25, 200 KG

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Murphy & Son

Magicol AC

Magicol AC – A powdered form of isinglass that can be dissolved to make a ready-for-use isinglass for treatment of either cask conditioned or brewery conditioned beers to clear yeast.

• Rapidly clears yeast from beer and lowers protein and lipid level in beer
• Large savings in capital investment & cooling energy costs
• Enhanced filter performance & beer foam stability

Magicol AC Powder 1 KG

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