Navigate your wastewater regulations

With increasing wastewater regulations in the wine industry, be prepared to manage your wastewater in a cost effective way through: Improved Organic Reduction (COD/BOD); Reduced Unpleasant Odors; and Improved Nitrogen Management going back to your soil.

Novozymes Microbes

Novozymes - BioRemove 5100

• BioRemove 5100 – a microbial supplement to degrade COD in winery wastewater and make irrigation water more usable.

BioRemove 5100 Product Info

Novozymes Microbes

Novozymes - OdorCap 5115

• OdorCap 5115 – is an odor neutralizer with odor reducing microbes to combat unpleasant odors.

OdorCap 5115 Product Info

Novozymes Microbes

Novozymes - BG MAX 3000

• BG MAX 3000 is a supplemental enzyme/ microbe combination to improve anaerobic digestion of winery wastes

BG Max 3000 Product Info